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Don't have a credit card yet?

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What business are you in? What do you do?

We are in the microfinance business. We provide the following services; money lending, deposits mobilization through high net worth individuals and organizations. Short term funds placements with non bank financial institutions, personal loans, business loans (cash flow and/or collateral based lending), asset financing, financial advisory services.

Do you have varied products and services?

Yes. We have Personal Loans, Business Loans, Auto Loans, and Asset Finance, Investment and Fixed Deposit and other tailored made products.

Are there any hidden charges?

No. Any basic charges associated with our loans are clearly spelt out on the loan agreement letters between SAT Finance and our customers.

Over what time frame can I borrow?

Minimum duration is 3 months and maximum is 12 months

What are the eligibility requirements?

The eligibility requirements vary depending on the kind of loan facility needed. Click here to be taken to the eligibility requirements for our products and services

How long does it take to approve my request for a loan?

After fulfilling all requirements, we are able to provide a credit decision within FEW DAYS of submitting your application.

How will I know my request has been approved or declined?

Our credit officers will call to inform you of our decision.

Do you insure your loans?

Yes. All our loans are insured against death and permanent disability but NOT DEFAULT.

How will I be credited with my loan amount?

After all conditions precedents have being satisfied, customers are issued with cheques of the loan amount.

How will I repay the Loan?

Repayment of the facility shall be made in equal monthly installments of both Principal and interest. You will provide postdated cheques to cover the duration of the loan repayment. Once the date for the monthly repayment on the credit facility agreement is due, SAT Finance will present your cheque at the bank to be debited to your account.

Can you tell me if I will be accepted for a loan before I apply?

No. Each application we receive is assessed on an individual basis taking a number of factors into account. We are therefore unable to offer an indication of whether or not your application would be accepted before you submit it.

I already have a credit facility from you; can I apply for a top up?

Yes. You can only apply for a top up: • when you have paid half or more of the existing loan, • your source of repayment and collateral are able to accommodate the increase

What size of loan can I apply for?

Starting from GHS1,000.00

Do you carry out background checks on your credit applicants?

Yes, as part of our commitment to responsible lending, we carry out background and credit checks on all new applications submitted to us. This assists with fraud prevention and also ensures we only approve applications from people who we believe will be able to repay what they borrow.

I've changed my mind about having a loan from SAT Finance - can I cancel my application?

Yes, you are free to cancel or discontinue the process before the disbursement of funds.

Can I choose my monthly repayment date?

Yes. Repayment dates are chosen or agreed upon with our clients as per their cash flows.

Do you accept savings/deposits?

We do accept termed and fixed deposits.

How will you keep me updated about important information?

To help you stay in control of your finances, we will be putting management and financial tips on our website from time to time so you may visit for more updates.

My application has been declined - does that mean I will never be able to have a loan from you?

Whilst we may have declined your application for a loan on any occasion, this may not affect your future applications if only the underlining conditions for your decline have been met.