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Don't have a credit card yet?

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We have these products at your disposal.....

Whether for personal or business use, we have a loan designed for you. You can also place funds with us at attractive interest rates

Concentrate on getting the best value and the best quality. We will take care of the financial and make sure it happens  


This is a short-term to medium term facility to finance the acquisition of movable assets such as motor vehicle, office furniture and equipment etc. for your business and personal use. We offer competitive rates and flexible terms for both individuals and business customers.


  • Fast and confidential
  • Clients Operating Capital not affected
  • Flexible terms of payment to suit clients
  • Clients can afford new assets.



BUSINESS APPLICANT:                                                 

  • Business Registration Documents
  • Latest six months Bank Statement
  • Valid national ID card of Directors
  • Two Passport Pictures of Directors
  • Invoice of Assets to be financed
  • 30% Contribution by customer



  • Latest six months Bank Statement
  • Two Passport Pictures and a valid ID card
  • 3-6 months’ Pay slip
  • Invoice of the Asset to be financed
  • 30% contribution by customer
  • Guarantor

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